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Reseller with laptop.

Increase your revenue with zero investment.

Our Reseller Accounts are designed for marketing/advertising professionals and agencies* that specialize in real estate. You can manage all aspects of your clients’ marketing in our system seamlessly with discounted services that allow you to increase your revenue.

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You create unlimited client profiles in your account and receive a 25% rebate** paid bi-monthly for the services you use. You bill your clients using your own invoicing based on your company’s pricing plan.

The Realtour Reseller Program allows you to provide the following services to your clients:

Online training gets you up to speed in an hour or less and we provide ongoing support as required. Your 25% rebates are deposited into your Paypal account on the 1st and 16th of each month.

For more information please contact, or create your reseller account and start increasing your revenue today!

*Brokerages, realtors and real estate agents do not qualify for reseller status.
**Rebates do not apply to all products and services.
***Rebates do not apply to Photography orders.

  • How It Works

    First, set up your free reseller account and provide a Paypal account for your bi-monthly 25% rebate payments.

  • Client Orders

    Add clients to your network.

  • Client Profiles

    Your client profiles allow you to add contact information, head shots and logos to auto populate the marketing materials you prepare for them.

    Add floor plans.
  • How it Works

    To get started, simply choose from one of our real estate marketing tools to begin your campaign.

    Virtual Tours


    Generate a video and automatically post it to YouTube.
  • How it Works

    Take a few minutes to fill out the Listing Details.

    Branding for multiple agents.
  • Go to Manage Photographs and upload your images.

    Add professional voice overs.
  • Our system will then automatically create a virtual tour, eFlyer and print materials that are saved into the system ready for you to edit.

    Host the Virtual Tour on its own domain.
  • You can then choose to create print materials such as real estate flyers, brochures and postcards with dozens of templates available.

    Track viewing statistics.
  • Or choose the templates you wish to use for your email marketing. Have your own artwork? We offer blank templates as well!

    Add the Virtual Tour to the most popular social media and real estate portal web sites.
  • You will find all of your copy, branding, head shots, and images waiting for you. Edit to suit your needs and your changes are auto saved. Then send a proof to clients, print or email your finished product.

  • Your virtual tour will also be ready for music, branding, custom color and captions. Get full exposure on major sites and share with other agents and clients. As an added bonus, for every eFlyer you create, a free bronze virtual tour is automatically generated and a link is added to your eFlyer.

  • Amazing Map Blast Tool

    Our email marketing Map Blast tool allows you to reach the right agents by highlighting your target area. The tool will tell you how many agents you will reach in the area you highlight as well as how much it will cost so you can stay on target and on budget.

  • Realtime Statistics

    All of our real estate marketing tools include statistics that track how many people are seeing your marketing efforts in realtime. You will also receive updates for all active listings and you can choose to share statistics with your clients.

  • We want you to get your money’s worth and that is why we like to throw something extra in for free! Each eFlyer includes a free property print flyer and bronze tour that is generated automatically. Each professional real estate photography shoot you schedule comes with a free Platinum tour and print flyer.