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Pricing for 'Ready to Send' Newsletters

Select the form of payment that best suits your needs and budget.

Monthly Newsletter Subscription
$19.99 per month
  • Limitless use of our Ready to Send newsletter templates
  • Limitless eblasts for up to 20,000 names per eblast using your own mailing list
  • Send as often as you like or use our pre-scheduled monthly, bi-monthly or weekly Auto Send service
  • Secure auto charges to your credit card to ensure uninterrupted service
Pay as you go Newsletter
$29.99 per newsletter
  • Single use of the newsletter templates of your choice
  • Single eblast for up to 20,000 names using your own client mailing list

Pricing for Do it Yourself, 'Blank', Newsletters

Newsletter BlastPrice
0 - 100 Emails100+ Emails
Email Blast$9.99$0.01/email for up to 1000 addresses
$0.009/email when ordering over 1000 addresses
$0.008/email when ordering over 2000 addresses
$0.007/email when ordering over 3000 addresses
$0.006/email when ordering over 4000 addresses
$0.005/email when ordering over 5000 addresses
With Platinum Group Discount25% Discount
With Gold Group Discount20% Discount
With Silver Group Discount15% Discount
With Bronze Group Discount10% Discount